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Otoplasty In Newport Beach, Orange County

Protruding or large ears can be an embarrassing feature for someone to live with. However, this can be corrected through Otoplasty also known as ear surgery or pinnaplasty. It is an ear correction procedure designed to remove or reshape the cartilage that makes up your ears. The procedure can:

  • Pin back ears that stick out,
  • Make larger ears smaller or
  • Improve the appearance of the ears in case they become misshapen from activities like boxing and rugby.
  • An adult’s dissatisfaction with previous ear surgery.

Otoplasty is available for anyone who is unhappy with the shape, size or position of their ears. In Newport Beach – Orange County, otoplasty treatments are available at the Orange County Plastic Surgery Clinic. The surgery procedure in our clinic is very simple and straightforward.

Preparation before surgery, surgery, and recovery

People considering otoplasty should visit our clinic at the Newport Beach in Orange County to meet with one of our surgeons. Orange County Plastic Surgery Clinic has top-class specialists, who will talk you through the overall process and answer all your questions.   Our surgeons will also give you a preview of the results you expect. 

Patients have the opportunity to view a selection of before and after photos of patients who have successfully undergone otoplasty in our clinic.

You can also have a consultation with one of our otoplasty surgeons. Here, you will discuss the exact details of your surgery and any other details before you decide to go ahead with the procedure.

Otoplasty surgery takes up to one and half hours. An anesthesiologist can administer either a local or general sedative; this, however, depends on the patient.  

During the surgery, the surgeon makes an incision along the crease line behind your ear to remove the excess cartilage that makes your ear to protrude. The ear is then pinned back along the fold to its new position, which is close to the head. The incision is then closed with absorbable stitches.

After the surgery, a dressing is wrapped around the patient’s head to hold the cartilage in its new place. The dressing comprises of heavy cotton, and the patient is supposed to leave it in place until they visit the surgeon again.

After the operation, patients should expect their ears to be sore, swollen and bruised. You are however required to wear the bandage for about a week. During this period, patients are not allowed to drive as because their hearing activity can be hindered by the bandage.

Once the dressing has been removed, patients are advised to wear a sweat band around their ears. This sweat band should be worn all the time, even at night as it will protect your ears from accidentally being pulled away from the head, particularly by a pillow while sleeping.

Before going home, our staff will give tips for caring your ears and give you follow-up appointments. Patients should also ensure that they get a number which they can use to contact the clinic in the event complications arise.

As with any surgery, otoplasty does carry the very small risk of complications. Your surgeon will discuss these complications with you before the surgery. We encourage our patients to contact us if they have any questions, even if it’s after the surgery.


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