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Laser Procedures In Newport Beach, Orange County

Skin Resurfacing Using Laser and Light Office Skin Treatments

Orange County Plastic Surgery’s laser center offers a wide variety of lasers to provide our patients with a complete solution for your skin condition. With current technological advances, more and more patients are seeking laser procedures to reduce the unwanted effects of aging, sun damage, acne scarring, prominent blood vessels, and unwanted hair. The following information has been prepared to familiarize you with a group of office based, minimal “downtime” laser and light based techniques including Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment, ND:Yag 1064 laser for hair removal and treatment of prominent veins or other vascular lesions, and the Cutera Laser Genesis treatment. Similarities among these procedures allow them to be discussed together in this handout. Other more invasive procedures including fractional of full field laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and dermabrasion are covered elsewhere. You are requested to read this information thoroughly and to discuss any questions which might arise with your surgeon and the staff before you proceed with any of these procedures. You are also requested to keep this form as a reference for instructions in the post-treatment period.

Your surgeon will discuss with you the numerous options regarding treatment of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Generally, your surgeon will recommend the simplest methods that might give you the desired result. This may mean something as simple as referring you to an aesthetician for a skin care program including MD Performance® MD Formula Sunscreen, one of the four MD Performance® professional skin care line of cleansers, 4 moisturizers, one of the 12 MD Performance® high performance anti-aging products or one of the prescription strength products. But if these products cannot be expected to meet your expectations, an Intense Pulse Light®, laser treatment or a chemical peel may be recommended.

The office staff will discuss a home skin care program employing a variety of skin care products as well. We prefer medical grade products and highly recommend the MD Performance® professional skin care line of products.

The IPL® (Intense Pulse Light) and other office laser procedures can be performed with little or no down time. However, the improvement will not be very dramatic and frequently, a series of treatments will be recommended. If your lines are deeper or a more significant improvement is desired, a deeper laser and peel procedure may be recommended. The most common inquiry is “How long will the improvement last?” This is impossible to predict as the results vary greatly with the amount of continued sun exposure, the patient’s skin type, age, severity of the aging process, and condition of the patient’s skin.

It is important that you understand it would be unethical for any physician to guarantee the results of any procedure; one can only promise to do one’s best to help the patient. It is not uncommon for a patient to require subsequent procedures to remove more of the sun damage or acne marks, or to remove some remaining hyper pigmentation that left a blotchy appearance after the first procedure. Additional procedures will result in additional cost to the patient. 

The following is an overview of the most frequently performed light and laser treatments in the office without the need for sedation or burden of significant “downtime.”


Dark Spots on Face from Sun - Newport Beach, CA

The entire staff - from front office to MD Bunkis - is courteous, polite, professional, happy and friendly. I recommend this office highly.

IPL Treatments Eliminated my Aging Brown Spots!!!!! - Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Bunkis met with me prior to the IPL treatments. He provided me with information regarding the procedure and what to expect. He also answered all my questions so I would feel comfortable with the procedure. Donnikah conducted the treatment with a great deal expertise. She was very gentle and very mindful of my comfort. It was comforting to know that my face with in good hands!!! The results of the procedure have been simply amazing!!!!!!!

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