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Facelift In Newport Beach, Orange County

Facelift at Orange County Plastic Surgery Clinic

Facial rejuvenation is at the top of the list of the most common aesthetic surgical procedures performed by your surgeon at Orange County Plastic Surgery. Most people feel physically and mentally vigorous and energetic long after their appearance has begun to deteriorate due to aging. A face and neck lift procedure is designed to provide you with rejuvenated appearance. A face or neck lift may be beneficial whenever you have excessive sagging of the facial and neck skin or underlying structures. 

A common question regarding a facelift is "How long will it last?" Your surgeon may be able to give you a good idea of what can be expected following surgery by working with our office digital imaging system and by manipulating your skin in front of a mirror.

Most patients have sufficient improvement following a face and neck lift, which keeps them looking younger forever. To maximize the degree of rejuvenation, many patients will choose to undergo a brow lift, midface lift, microfat grafting, an eyelid procedure or laser skin resurfacing at the same operative setting.

Preparing for Facelift at Orange County Plastic Surgery Clinic

You may visit your surgeon as many times as you wish to have all of your questions answered. Our surgeon will work closely with you to ensure that all your questions, concerns and expectations are addressed. At our clinic you will receive very personal approach as we treat every patient as a unique individual with various needs: everything will explained to you in great detail and you will not feel as if you are being forced into the procedures that you do not really need. We set realistic goals and expectations without sugarcoating the facts as we believe that it is every patient’s right to know the outcome of the facelift procedure in their specific circumstances. It saves you from disappointment and helps with making an informed decision. 

Certain laboratory tests will also be required within two weeks of surgery. If you are over the age of 50 or have a history of cardiac problems, you will have to obtain a cardiogram at your doctor’s office or any licensed laboratory. All patients will be asked to stop smoking at least a month prior to surgery in an effort to maximize your body's ability to heal the incisions following the operation.

Your anesthesiologist may call you the night before surgery to discuss the anesthetic care plan with you. But if you miss the call or your anesthesiologist does not call you, do not worry as you will be able to discuss your anesthesia and have all your questions answered in the morning, prior to your facelift procedure at the Orange County Surgery Center in Newport Beach. It is absolutely imperative that you make arrangements in advance to have someone drive you to the surgery center on the day of your operation and to drive you home after surgery. Patients may choose to spend the first night with a nurse, either at a hotel adjacent to the surgical facility or at their home (depending on demands placed by children, pets, etc). 

Facelift With Board Cerified Surgeon

Our facility is optimally equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and our board certified plastic surgeon in Orange County will provide the highest quality of care in a safe environment. 

A facelift is an elective, cosmetic surgical operation in which the loose muscles of the face and neck are tightened and the skin redraped and the excess trimmed through incisions placed around the ears and under the chin. If excess neck fat is present, it will be suctioned as part of this procedure. Occasionally, the patient and surgeon may decide that in order to obtain the desired optimal result, additional ancillary procedures such as a midface lift, microfat grafting, eyelid surgery, a brow lift, skin resurfacing, or a chin implant may be required. These additional procedures will be discussed separately as they are not an actual part of the face or neck lift operation. If desired, your surgeon will go over these additional procedures with you.

A straight forward face and neck lift operation requires approximately three hours. Of course, if additional procedures are requested or if you have an exceedingly full neck, a longer time will be required. The surgery will usually be performed under a light general anesthesia or deep sedation. An anesthesiologist will be present to administer the medications and assist in monitoring all patients to ensure their safety.

Care At Orange County Plastic Surgery After Facelift

After the operation you might have some concerns regarding your healing process. Our attentive, dedicated and internationally recognized plastic surgeon will be available at all times to answer all your questions and will regularly check up on you to ensure that your healing process is going well. 

Most patients, with perhaps light makeup, can resume everyday tasks approximately one to three weeks after surgery. 


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