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Browlift In Newport Beach, Orange County

What is brow lift?

Brows sag as you age. However, a brow lift is designed to restore the appearance of the eyebrows and forehead. However, the degree of achievement depends on the severity of the initial deformity and the elasticity of the patient's tissues. This procedure is very common at Newport Beach, Orange County.

Some of the reasons to perform this procedure include:

  • To reduce the wrinkles which develop across the forehead, between the eyes and the bridge of the nose.
  • Enhance the frown lines.
  • Raise the sagging brows which cover the upper eyelids.
  • Raise the eyebrows into an alert and youthful position.

Preparations before surgery, surgery, and recovery

You will have a meeting to consult with your surgeon at the Orange County Plastic Surgery Clinic. In the meeting, you will discuss your medical history, your current health status and what you expect from the surgeon.

The surgeon will then examine the patient's forehead and the upper eyelids, while paying close attention to the muscles. The patient will also be taken through a series of facial expressions by the surgeon. By doing this, the surgeon will determine the best surgical procedure for you.

Patients are advised to wear loose clothing, which can be worn easily after the surgery. Surgeons recommend clothing which doesn't pull over your head.

For patients combining brow lift and face lift, Orange County Plastic Surgery Clinic provides them with a nurse to assist them on the first night. 

There might be some lifestyle adjustments you have to make before you undergo the operation. You should receive detailed instructions about what you need to do and when you need to do it from your surgeon.

The brow lift surgical procedure takes approximately one and half hours. Surgeons re-sculpt the excess forehead and inner brow muscles to achieve this.

There are two basic surgical approaches which can be used in this procedure. However, the surgeon assists the patient to decide the most appropriate message. An anesthesiologist will administer either a light general or deep sedative before the operation. They will also be there to monitor the patient’s safety. 

Brow lift patients are advised to keep their heads elevated and apply ice packs to the eye regions for the first 48 hours to minimize bruising and speed up healing.

Patients should use peroxide and Q-Tips to cleanse any crusting which might develop along the lash lines.

What to expect:


This varies from patient to patient as well as side to side. The swelling is immense during the first three days and then subsides after the fourth day. Patients should, however, expect minor fluctuations in the remaining swelling up to three months after the procedure.

Discoloration and bruising

Most bruising and discoloration should subside two weeks after the surgery.


Expect your forehead to be numb after the surgery. This is very normal and subsides in a few weeks' time. Patients will occasionally experience unusual sensations, pins, and needles. A mild discomfort may occur as these nerves regenerate.

Hair loss

A temporary hair loss along the incision lines can occur. However, expect the hair to grow back over time.

Complications are extremely uncommon for brow lift surgeries. However, they do occur once in a while. Patients are therefore advised to contact their surgeon in case complications arise.  


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