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Breast Augmentation In Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast augmentation is the procedure of using implants to restore under-developed breasts, create fuller breasts or to restore lost volume as a result of pregnancy or weight loss. The perfect breast size makes a woman feel more attractive and sexier, and that's why many women go for the procedure. Breast augmentation is done because of the following reasons:

  • To increase the fullness and the projections of a woman,
  • Enhance the balance and the proportions of her figure and
  • Improve her self-image and confidence.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common surgical procedures in Orange County. The procedure, which is performed at the Orange County Plastic Surgery Clinic located in Newport Beach, is designed to give female patients a fuller breast.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Here, the surgeon will discuss the ideal breast size and shape with the patient. This assists the patient to find the best way possible to achieve the results which suit the patient.

The surgeon will take you through discussions about the differences between round and tear drop implants, the ideal position of the breast and the best size which will fit your body frame as well as your expectations.  

Female patients are also required to undergo certain laboratory tests at the Orange County Plastic Surgery Clinic within two weeks of the surgery. Patients with 50 years and above or with any history of cardiac problems are required to obtain a cardiogram two weeks before the surgery.

You will also have the opportunity to discuss the available options for accomplishing your surgery comfortably and safely with an anesthesiologist. Patients are advised to make the necessary arrangements in advance to have someone drive them to and from the Surgery Clinic.  

Breast Augmentation Procedure At Orange County Clinic

The operation takes approximately one and half hours. A light general anesthetic or a deep sedative can be used. An anesthesiologist will be available to monitor your safety and comfort. 

During the surgery, the surgeon inserts breast implants through a small incision, which is normally made along the natural crease of the patient’s breast. 

It is common for breast augmentation patients to feel sleepy the day after surgery. You may also experience a severe feeling of tightness in the chest area, which can even extend to the arms or your back. However, the surgeons will give you a prescription for pain medication.

You should note that no two sides ever heal at the same time after the surgery, and this is normal. However, patients should report major abnormalities to the surgeon.

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. However, this depends on the degree of the patient’s motivation. It is good to examine your breasts a month after the operation and have a gynecologist do a routine breast examination yearly.   

You can also visit your surgeon at least once every year for a breast examination to determine if you have any implant-related problems in the augmented breast.

Breast augmentation is safe, and many patients have been able to undergo the procedure without any complications. However, there have been cases where complications have occurred after the surgery. This is not meant to startle you, but to ensure that you are aware that every surgical procedure has its risks.


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